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Oozeq is a never dry starch dough.

Fondant and edible decorations are easy with Oozeq.

Oozeq won't dry out, cleans up with water, and is made of only plant based edible ingredients.

food grade · play dough putty · never dry out · water clean up

Oozeq contains only food grade ingredients: cornstarch, water, glycerin, canola oil and soap.

Oozeq is ready to use out of the package, and is also available as an instant, just add water, dry mix.

Oozeq is tolerant of a wide range of temperature and humidity, from freezing to baking.

Suitable for a wide variety of edible uses including cake decorations and soft candy.

Non-food uses include mold making for plaster, polymer clay, cement, resin, soap, wax and low temperature melting metals such as tin.

Oozeq can carry additives including essential oils, moisturizers like shea butter, pigments, or any dry powder, dry granulated material or oil.

Oozeq may be left out uncovered, will not dry out and cleans up with water.

Oobleq Ltd devise good

No borax or contact lens solution needed!

Dry? Crumbly?

Oozeq may crystalize like honey, and appear dry or crumbly.

Solution: mild heat

Just hold the Oozeq in your hand for a few minutes.

Oozeq can be further modified with:

  • drop of water
  • dap of hand cream
  • tiny bit of body lotion
  • drop of hair conditioner

Oozeq is:

  • made in the USA
  • US utility patent pending
  • water clean up
  • made with food grade ingredients
  • non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D 4236 and relevant CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety) standards

The following pages provide instructions and suggestions for the use of Oozeq.

Fondant and Edible Decoration

Butter slime

Polymer clay armatures

Concrete molds

Masking paint


Binder / Adhesive

Bioplastic rubber

Thermal protection

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