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Masking nail polish and other paints and coatings.

Oozeq adheres to most surfaces readily and removably. This stickiness is due to the very smooth nature of the material, and the manner in which it makes complete contact with any surface to which it is applied.

Masking is accomplished by placing a layer of Oozeq on any surface that is to be kept free of paint.

This process has been tested with great success using nail polish. Oozeq is applied as illustrated here, and may be peeled off and excess nail polish folded into the material. The same piece of Oozeq may then be reused.

Fabric is also compatible with this process. While Oozeq will likely not peel smoothly off the fabric, it will readily wash off with water, or dusted off with a brush. T-shirts have been experimented with, where paper was used to cover large areas and Oozeq was applied along the edge to fasten the paper and provide a smooth curved edge. Scale model makers are testing Oozeq for precision masking of solvent based enamel paint at a high level of detail on plastic, metal and wood surfaces.

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